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10-Aug-2017 13:18

Now, we can talk political correctness and women’s rights and equality until we’re blue in the face but how likely is the following: ! Yes, there are exceptions but an agressive girl is going to email you if she likes you and will find winks unattractive so even the exception doesn’t allow for winking.

If this seems so strange in the “real world”, why should a guy be encouraged act in this way electronically? Smiling seductively over your Rum-and-Coke isn’t going to work any better on the internet than it would in the real world. Responding to Winks Now, a little on responding to winks.

The fact that I didn’t contact someone for a week or so after viewing them, in my mind, gave me an appearance of low-desperation and thus a lower potential-stalker factor.

Clearly, I am an over-thinker but I still stick by this idea.

So take a cue from the bar guy and make gross assumptions regarding your near-heroic levels of risk and confidence by pretending you’re making the decisions.

Any other response is breaking thousands of years of tradition.

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Take the following as an example: A young woman sitting at a bar notices a man she finds attractive. If he’s particularly slow, she will give him a small smile.On a personal note, I found that contacting those who were viewing my profile, even repeatedly, wasn’t any more successful than contacting those who had never viewed my profile. I liked the idea that they could see that I was viewing their profile and then a semi-extended time later contacting them.

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing the date you most enjoyed is into you as well.… continue reading »

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