Updating ps3 with flash drive

03-Oct-2017 05:50

To do this, power off your console and remove the USB stick, and plug it into your computer.Drag the UPDATE folder into the PS3 folder, and accept overwrites.The 12 GB of internal flash storage transfers over to the new drive – that’s it.The rest of these instructions only apply to case of upgrades from one physical drive to another.Play Station 3 requires a SATA drive, 2.5-inch form factor – the same as you find in laptops, not desktops.You can use either an SSD or a traditional spinning drive, but I would suggest going for the largest you can afford.Despite all the controversy surrounding DRM, digital game downloads have finally arrived too – nowadays, you can download premium AAA titles on launch day without having to wait for a piece of plastic to arrive in the mail.

Just follow the guide section below to open it up, add a drive mounting bracket, and throw the drive in.

A new drive will set you back around , plus another for the mounting plate required in the new Super Slim model – you may as well as just buy it complete with drive from the start.

If you own an older PS3, such as the original 40gb or 80 GB “fat” models, you’ll certainly be looking to upgrade.

All you need to do to revert back is to install the original firmware from the playstation website.

The living room game console has become a central media hub for many, which can mean large movie downloads.

Upgrading your PS3 drive will not void the warranty.