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26-Nov-2017 09:12

Stephanopoulos was a leading member of Clinton's Presidential campaign in 1992.

He was also moved to Senior Advisor on Policy and Strategy in The White House.

But most of the time in Washington I was pregnant and having kids.

I was living in Los Angeles and I had just gotten out of a relationship with a British actor, Dominic West from The Wire.

But at 5 years old, I wasn’t aware of how A-list it was. My mother was the only Democrat in the Reagan White House. In fact, I told him I wasn’t doing anything later that very same night either, but he said he actually had to work. We’re now in our ninth year and still when he walks in a room I get a little shiver. Though I really wanted to eavesdrop on what went on between the takes with you and Rita and Mary Kay and Meryl. I mean, how could I not have a good time getting to say to Meryl Streep, “I read online that a woman stopped having sex and her vagina closed up.” That was just fun to say. Between takes we’d hang out together instead of going off to our trailers. He was executive editor of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine and a contributing editor of Vanity Fair and Allure. His new memoir, I Left It on Mountain , will be published by St.

Just like Tori Spelling didn’t know she was on Farrah Fawcett’s lap growing up. Yeah, I grew up in that world of power and politics in Washington, but when you grow up around it, you are completely unfazed by it. George and I had our first real dinner party during the Obama inauguration because during the Bush years no one went out after eight. Who was the first first lady that you remember meeting? We’d talk about Bernie Madoff—Meryl was fascinated by him and wanted to dissect him—and we’d talk about this great recipe she’d just found for banana bread. When are you going to write a book about your own extraordinary life? I just closed a book deal with Harper Collins to do a memoir.

Her cancellation was definitely on short notice, as she was Tweeting about her appearance only three days before she was supposed to go on the show.

The cancellation comes in the same month that her husband was rocked by the fact that Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton operative before becoming a journalist, had recently donated up to ,000 to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.

The appearance was supposed to be an opportunity for Wentworth to flog her forthcoming book Happily Ali After and Other Fairly True Tales.His book, All Too Human: A Political Education became a number-one best seller.Some controversies don’t leave the successful ones.Early in May it became clear that Stephanopoulos tied to hide his large donations to the Clintons, and it wasn’t many days before he was issuing a halfhearted apology for not being up front with his audience.

That wasn’t the end of the situation, as a few days later the ABC anchor was forced to recuse himself from the upcoming 2016 GOP debates.

In fact, it was revealed that Stephanopoulos had been a frequent participant in Clinton Foundation events, even over these last few years.